NIAGADS GenomicsDB Release

NIAGADS is pleased to announce the release of the Genomics Database v. 3.1, which features a major face lift intended to improve user experience. NIAGADS GenomicsDB is a public resource that researchers can access without having to formally request data. This release greatly improves the visualization of summary statistics on the genome browser section of the site and adopts positional variant identifiers to allow more precise linkage of annotations to variants. It also introduces new variant annotations such as 1000 Genomes population frequencies, a shift from NCBI to Ensembl for the gene reference, and updated gene and variant annotations from dbSNP, UniProt, and other external resources. In addition, eight GWAS datasets from three new studies are now available to search or browse on the NIAGADS Genome browser. NIAGADS is looking forward to user feedback and encourages those with comments or questions to email

The Genomics Database can be found here.

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