SPAR: Small RNA-seq Portal for analysis of sequencing expeRiments

PNGC is pleased to announce the release of the SPAR web server for small RNA-seq data analysis.

Small non-coding RNAs (<200 nts, sncRNAs) play important regulatory roles by binding to mRNA and associating with transcription factor complexes in most eukaryotes, but only a fraction of sncRNAs, which include many different classes, have been identified and characterized.

SPAR is the first web server that offers users the possibility to seamlessly link and streamline interpretation of small RNA-seq data across all major sncRNA classes (piRNA, snoRNA, tRNA, tRF, miRNA, etc) and to compare with up to hundreds of publicly available datasets from GEO, ENCODE, DASHR across >180 tissues and cell types.

SPAR executes unsupervised segmentation to identify sncRNA loci (both known and new) displaying features of specific processing in the provided sequencing data.

SPAR allows users to analyze, annotate, compare and visualize small RNA sequencing data generated by a variety of recent experimental protocols such as small RNA-seq, miRNA-seq, single-cell small RNA-seq, and short total RNA-seq. SPAR is available through a web application ( and as a standalone software (SPAR).

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