Alzheimer’s Disease Variant Portal

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is one of the most serious public health challenges that affect the nation. Both the direct and indirect costs of AD have been stressing the healthcare system. The cause of AD, however, is still unknown. The recent development of genome-wide association studies (GWASs) has been a powerful tool for discovering thousands of DNA variants that are associated with AD. However, no single resource provides system integration and harmonization of all the AD genetic associations obtained by these analyses.

PNGC is pleased to announce the release of ADVP, the Alzheimer’s Disease Variant Portal, which provides unified access to the collection of high-quality primary genetic association data and supporting evidence for AD. In ADVP, we systematically create an integrated, most up-to-date, and comprehensive collection of AD genetic associations from GWASs. ADVP contains about 7,000 AD-associations curated from more than 200 AD GWAS publications and across various populations, including Caucasians, Hispanics, African-Americans, and Asians. Please see a medRxiv preprint for more details.

The comprehensive and unique features in ADVP allow investigators to easily access, interpret, compare, and visualize the vast collection of AD genetics findings. ADVP is freely accessible at

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