PNGC at AAIC 2020 Roundup

Virtual AAIC auditorium

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the globe hard this spring, Alzheimer’s Disease researchers weren’t sure what was going to happen to their annual Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC), originally planned for Amsterdam. AAIC’s goal is to convene the world’s leaders in dementia science to share research discoveries that will lead to methods of prevention and treatment, and improvements in diagnosis for Alzheimer’s disease—it would have been a huge disappointment for the AD research community to miss out on their conference. Luckily, the Alzheimer’s Association went to work to relaunch the conference via a cutting-edge virtual platform so researchers from around the world could share and collaborate from home.

Faculty and staff from PNGC are having a great time sharing their research and participating in AAIC presentations, forums and poster sessions. The poster sessions include a live Q&A chat between the presenters and the audience to provide an experience as close to the real thing as possible. In addition to poster sessions, AAIC also features live and “on demand” presentations, an exhibition hall, a networking lounge and opportunities to win prizes by participating in games throughout the conference.

Our PNGC members are showcasing 15 posters and 4 presentations of their latest Alzheimer’s Disease research during AAIC, including a live presentation on the Interaction of Tau with other Pathologies by Virginia M-Y Lee, PhD. We are proud of our team and excited to share their research.

Want to know more? Follow the links below to read more about the PNGC team’s research.

TitleFirst AuthorType
Alzheimer’s disease variant portal (ADVP): harmonized genetics data and evidence collection for Alzheimer’s diseaseYuk Yee LeungPoster
Assessing whole genome sequencing variation for Alzheimer’s disease in 4707 individuals from the Alzheimer’s disease Sequencing Project (ADSP)Gina M. PelosoPoster
Comparative Trans-Ethnic Meta-Analysis of Whole Exome Sequencing Variation for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) in 18,402 individuals of the Alzheimer’s Disease Sequencing Project (ADSP)Adam C. NajPoster
Genome-wide association analyses identify genes modifying age-at-onset of Alzheimer’s diseaseEden R. MartinPoster
Genome-wide Interaction Study of Smoking in Alzheimer’s DiseaseMackenzie R. MoorePoster
Genome-Wide Meta-Analysis of Late-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease Using Rare Variant Imputation in 65,602 Subjects Identifies Risk Loci with Roles in Memory, Neurodevelopment, and Cardiometabolic Traits: The International Genomics of Alzheimer’s Project (IGAP)Adam C. NajTalk
Genome-wide profiling of the noncoding regulatory mechanisms in Alzheimer’s DiseaseLauren KleidermacherPoster
High Resolution Genome-wide Promoter-focused Capture C in Astrocytes Implicates Causal Genes for Alzheimer’s Disease.Elizabeth BurtonPoster
Mapping Alzheimer disease associated regions in African American populationPatrice L. WhiteheadPoster
Mechanism for the protective effect of APOE ε2 against Alzheimer disease is linked to tau and the classical complement pathwayGyungah R. JunTalk
Multi-modal genome-wide meta-analysis of brain amyloidosis reveals heterogeneity across CSF, PET, and pathological amyloid measuresDerek B ArcherPoster
NIA Genetics of Alzheimer’s Disease Data Storage Site (NIAGADS): Update 2020Briana VogelPoster
Pleiotropy Analyses using TADs identify Genomic Regions affecting risk of AD and strokeEmily Greenfest-AllenPoster
Sex differences in genetic predictors of resilience to Alzheimer’s diseaseLogan DumitrescuPoster
Structural characterization of rare missense variants within known neurodegenerative disease proteinsEllen L. PalmerPoster
The Alzheimer’s Disease Sequencing Project – Follow Up Study (ADSP-FUS): increasing ethnic diversity in Alzheimer’s genetics research with addition of potential new cohortsPedro Ramon MenaPoster
The Formation of the Advisory Group on Risk Evaluation Education for DementiaAllyson C. RosenPoster
Tissue-Specific Genetically Regulated Expression in Late-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease Implicates Risk Genes within Known and 30 Novel LociHung-Hsin ChenTalk

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